Grow from nature,
Improve by Specialist.

Brand Story

Plantnery, well-wisher of
natural beauty.

The Plantnery brand was founded by Mr. Chayaton Makthan’s father, the co-founder of the Plantnery brand, who established an ornamental farm business in the eastern part of Bangkok in 2000.

In 2014, the farm has exported plants to customers in Europe for the first time to extract into Essential Oil. Mr. Chayaton Makthan, the inheritor of the farm saw the opportunity and wonders of Essential Oil that would bring benefits or can be extended. Thus, The name of the Chuan Chom Pan Mai farm has been changed to PLANTNERY, which means kindergarten of plants.

In 2019, the founder took the initiative to enter the health and beauty business. Inspired by the benefits and extension of Essential Oil, the name of the garden was taken as the name of a cosmetic brand. Also, in 2020, after spending time developing products with cosmetic scientists. Plantnery’s first product was sold on the market.
The first product that was launched under the Plantnery brand was Tea Tree Oil, which has excellent acne treatment features from many researches and has become a product that has been well received feedback by customers. All of this is Plantnery’s journey until now, to create a natural beauty experience for customers.
Brand Commitments

7 Promises

We act with integrity.
For the power of healthy beauty to our customers. According to the foundation of the philosophy of nature and balance.
We will select and find the power of the best natural beauty.
We strive to create the best products with honesty at a cost-effective price that everyone can use natural beauty.
We will support the cultivation of crops from farmers and local experts with the traditional organic way without chemical impurity.
We will continue to research and develop the benefits of nature.
We will support environmentally friendly design. And support the use of renewable energy in manufacturing plants including our entire partner supply chain.
We strive to be an important part of driving development for the sustainable conservation of nature.
We will strive to live an environmentally friendly way of life to maintain the beautiful nature.

Natural Effective Beauty

We believe in the
Power of Nature to nourish the skin of billions of people

Plantnery For All

The Philosophy of Nature,
We believe that Humans and Nature are one and Inseparable.

Rousseau, a 17th century philosopher who created the
“Back to nature” theory.

“Return to nature” is the ability to return to freedom of reason and do what he desires without being attached to the boundaries of bondage.

Humans have been taking care of beauty and health by using natural products for over a thousand years. We believe in the beauty of every human being. Beauty in such a way that every human being has the right to choose their own individual beauty.

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