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TAT Corporation Public Company Limited (“the Company”) is a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler, research and development service, health and beauty products, cosmetics, food products, dietary supplement leading in Thailand, adhering to ethical business practices and complying with the law. As well as realize the importance of protecting personal information of those who contact and/or transact with the Company. For example, customers, contract parties, business partners, contractors, service providers, job applicants, employees, etc. (“You”). Therefore, the Company has established and enforced this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to clarify the practices and procedures of the Company regarding your personal data, such as collection, usage, disclosure, high standards and strict operating procedures, to keep your personal information safe from being unduly accessed, used, changed or disclosed. Including compliance with your rights under the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562.

The Company recommends that you carefully read this policy before providing personal information to the Company for the various purposes stated in this policy, as you’ll be aware of and understand the Company’s personal data protection policy, as well as your rights and protection under the Personal Data Protection Law.

The Company may review and amend this policy from time to time in order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act and/or secondary laws, regulations, announcements of government agencies that have been amended. If there is any amendment to this policy, it will be published on the website and/or any other communication channels of the Company.

1. Policy objectives
This Policy is intended to inform you, as a Personal Data Subject of the purposes and details of the collection, usage and/or disclosure of Personal Data. As well as your legal rights and protections.
2. Definition of Personal Data

2.1 “Personal Data” means information about an individual that enables the identification of that individual, either directly or indirectly, but does not include information of the deceased in particular:

2.1.1 Personal information that you provide to the Company directly from the purchase of goods and/or services, product use, contact, visit, search in all channels both offline and online or through an assigned person or any other channels.

2.1.2 Personal data obtained by the Company or accessed from other sources such as government agencies, business partners and data service providers, etc. The Company will collect information from other sources only with your consent as required by the Personal Data Protection Law. Except in the case where it is necessary for the Company by law to protect personal information or other laws allow.

2.2 Personal data is divided into 2 types

2.2.1 General personal data are as follows:

            (a) Personal details such as title, first name, last name, nickname, gender, age, nationality, date of birth, place of birth, weight, height, signature, photograph, sound, recorded voice, marital status, number of family members, family member information, personal record, education history, occupation, job title, place of work, type of business. Information on the card or documents issued by government agencies, such as an identity card, house registration, marriage registration, name-surname change certificate, passport, visa, alien card, driving license, copy of vehicle registration book, social security information, taxpayer information and other identifying information or documents. Immigration details such as the date of arrival and departure and/or any other personal information you provide to the Company.

            (b) Contact information, including hometown, address, e-mail, telephone number, username and password or accounts on social media such as LINE, Facebook, Instagram and Google, etc., and/or other contact information that you give to the Company.

            (c) Membership information such as card membership applications, card member account details, card membership types, customer types, registration information or applying for services or products such as card usage history, service history, reward points, reward redemption, information for registering in promotional activities or participating in marketing activities, your inquiries, comments, feedback, complaints, suggestions and other membership information.

            (d) Transaction data, including purchase of goods, payments, delivery of goods, refunds, returns, purchase behaviors, or use of services, information about purchases or online service, cart wish list, claims about product quality assurance, information obtained from your use of the product or the services of the company responses to surveys and survey results, record of the question-answer and other transaction information with the Company.

            (e) Financial information such as payment information, credit information, and bank information such as details about your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, cash cards or any other financial products, financial status, income information, other financial information.

            (f) Technical data, including:

(1) GPS signal location information when you enable the location feature.

(2) Browsing data for online services on the Company’s platform, such as the Company’s website or other platforms.

(3) Details about the internet service providers, domain names, IP addresses or the website that brought you to the Company. Online usage data collection may include the use of cookies or web beacons to help the company develop a platform or to improve online services on the Company’s platform to be more efficient.

(4) Cookies information and other information caused by your visit to the website or use the application of electronic devices whereby the Company receives or saves information from your browser or electronic devices.

(5) Other technical data from using online services on the platform or operating system or any other online channels of the Company and/or business partners or network information.

(g) Marketing information and communications, i.e. the desire or application to receive marketing information or news from the Company; and/or business partners including related details.

(h) Other information such as audio/visual information in case that you contact the Company’s office or transactions via Video Call or via the Company’s Call Center.

(i) Any other information that is considered personal data under the Personal Data Protection Law.

2.2.2 Sensitive information including information about race, ethnicity, religion, political opinion, physical or mental condition, disability, health information, medical history, blood type, criminal history. Biological information using techniques or technology related to bringing physical features or the behavior of a person to be used to verify that person’s identity (Biometric Information) such as fingerprints, information about iris scan, face scan data, voice identity information, etc. The Company does not have a policy to store sensitive personal information except in the case where the company obtaining consent from the data subject for the purpose (a) to prove your identity when applying for services and/or transacting with the Company. If you wish to use your biometric for identification and/or (b) use it as your electronic signature when transacting through online or digital channels or the Company’s website.

2.3 Personal Data of Other Persons

In case that you have to provide personal information of another person to the Company, such as information of a relative, spouse, child, reference person or other person who may receive the product ordered on your behalf, emergency contacts, beneficiaries, recommenders or persuade to purchase products or apply for the service. The personal information of such person collected may include, but is not limited to, title, first name, last name, identification card number, house registration, telephone number, postal address, etc.

If you provide personal information of another person to the Company, you certify and confirm that you have informed the Company’s Privacy Policy to such persons for acknowledgment and/or requesting relevant consent and ensuring that you have the right to provide personal information of those individuals to the Company according to the personal data protection law.

3. In case that consent is not required : for the purpose of collecting, using and/or disclosing personal information,

the Company will ask for your consent first or while collecting personal information by electronic means or any other methods, except in the following cases, where the company can rely on other legal bases to operate without your consent, but only to inform you of the purpose of collecting, using and / or disclosing personal information.

3.1 Performance of the contract between you and the Company (as you are a customer, seller, service provider, contractor, or in any other capacity), such as buying and selling products, employment, use of various services with the company, such as delivery of goods, use of other services or online services through the platform.

3.2 Compliance with the law.

3.3 For your benefit and consent is not possible at that time.

3.4 Where necessary to prevent or suppress danger to life, body or health of persons.

3.5 For creating document history or archives for public benefit or for study, research, statistical preparation.

3.6 In case of necessity for the legitimate interests of the Company or of other persons or juristic persons.

3.6.1 Prevention planning or take various measures to reduce the risk of fraudulent actions, cyber threat and break the law.

3.6.2 Pictures of people who come in contact with the office or the company’s branch on CCTV or checking and verifying your identity without using bio-data resulting from the use of techniques or technology related to bring physical features or the behavior of a person to use or communication, share personal information within the company for security inside the office building.

3.6.3 Risk Management, governance, audit or investigation of corruption, or illegal actions or suspicious transactions.

3.6.4 Management within the organization including the sharing of personal information within the Company.

3.6.5 Actions in accordance with claims or the exercise of the Company’s legal rights such as debt collection, litigation, daily recording, reporting complaints, etc.

3.6.6 Checking the e-mail transactions or internet usages of employees and you. To prevent the leakage of confidential information of the Company.

4. In the event that consent is required : for the purpose of collecting, using and/or disclosing personal information,

the Company will collects personal information based on your consent for the main purposes of selling products and/or providing services to you or allow you to transact and/or use the services you wish including the following purposes.

If you do not provide personal information to the Company. It may affect you from not receiving the services, not comfortable or fail to perform the contracts which you may be damaged or lost opportunities.

4.1 Applying for membership, another cards, another program cards, other membership programs or any other products and use various services.

4.2 The use of online services on the Company’s platform, such as visiting the website or use any other services in the same type as well as various services related.

4.3 Processing of membership cards, Other loyalty cards, sending and transferring points and redeem your points.

4.4 Organizing promotional activities, marketing activities of the company and/or business partners

4.5 Marketing and communications, to inform information or offer special privileges, benefits, special offers, marketing activities, promotions, promotional programs, news, marketing information or other communications about the products or services of the Company and/or its business partners.

4.6 Direct marketing via SMS, telephone, e-mail, fax, social media and/or other communication channels. To present or promote the company’s products or services and/or business partners.

4.7 Follow-up services, respond to your opinions, suggestions, questions, and complaints to solve any problems for you.

4.8 Maintain and develop relationships with you. Communicate, presenting news or sending wish on various occasions to you.

4.9 Conducting various research such as marketing, consumer behavior, etc. Data analytic, opinion surveys, statistical analysis and trends related to the Company’s products and/or services.

4.10 To provide or offer products or services to you as appropriate and meet your needs as possible, including to innovate, develop, improve products or enhance services to pass on or provide new experiences or appropriate services.

4.11 Advertising and public relations activities, products or services of the Company and/or business partners.

4.12 Communication or public relations within the Company’s organization.

4.13 Management of the Company’s business or that the Company hires or assigns other people to act on our behalf.

4.14 Recruiting and hiring personnel or employees of the Company.

4.15 Sharing, transferring or disclosing information to business partners of the Company or any third parties with whom the Company is a contractual party or has a relationship with, both in Thailand and abroad, and any other person who will provide additional notice. In order that providing services to you or enabling you to transact and/or use the services that you wish and/or for other purposes specified in items 4.1 – 4.14 with examples of third parties that the Company will disclose information as specified in item 5 of this policy.

You agree to give your consent under this policy for a period of 10 (ten) years from the date you cancel your card membership, termination of being a customer, terminate the relationship, make the last transaction or contact with the Company depending on the event which will happen later. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the company through contact as stated in item 13 of this policy.

5. Disclosure of personal information.

The Company will not disclose your personal information to third parties unless (a) the Company has obtained your consent (b) it is in accordance with the purposes stated in this policy (c) it is according to the law or the order of the government agency, other agencies or organizations that are legally enforceable. However, the Company may need to disclose your personal information to third parties (both in Thailand and abroad) as follows:

5.1 External service providers to perform operations related to the Company’s business such as product manufacturing services, retails, events and marketing activities, marketing services, promotions, researches, surveys, opinions, data analysis, information technologies, cloud storage services, risk management, telecommunication, banking, investment, life insurance, non-life insurance, management, warehousing, logistics, delivery services, transportation services, delivery of goods, maintenance services, engineering works, systems, constructions, postal services, electronic procurement systems, electronic commerce, system services, electronic payment, customer service center (Call Center), medical services, public relations, media services, digital multimedia, tourism, printing, outsourcing, brokerage services, debt collection tracking, etc.

5.2 Business partners of the Company participating in promotional activities, marketing activities, jointly procure, jointly present products, jointly provide services to you or allow you to transact and/or use the services you wish, including cooperating to innovate, develop or improve products or services. In order to meet the need and create the highest satisfaction for you or the company’s customers.

5.3 Consultants in various fields such as legal advisors, financial advisors, experts or external auditors, etc.

5.4 Assignee of rights and/or duties in the event of a merger or transfer all or part of the business to a third parties.

5.5 Associations and organizations such as the Consumer Foundation, Federation of Consumer Organizations Association, Thai Chamber of Commerce, Retailers Association, Electronic Commerce Entrepreneurs Association, shopping center association, Trade Association of Thai Electronic Payment Service Providers.

5.6 Government agencies such as the Revenue Department, Trade Competition Commission, etc., including the courts, the prosecutor’s office, National Police Office, government agency or any other agencies or organization that has the power to enforce the law.

However, in disclosing your personal information to the aforementioned third parties, the company will limit the disclosure of personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the relevant objectives, and will undertake to have such third parties sign in the personal data processing agreement to ensure that such third parties will not use your personal information for any other purposes and will keep your personal information safe as the law is strictly stipulated.

6. Transfer of your personal information abroad

The Company may disclose or transfer your personal information to foreign countries, third parties or servers located abroad in which such destination countries may have or do not have the same level of data protection standards. To supervise the transfer of your personal information safely and people receiving personal data have appropriate data protection standards or according to the conditions or exceptions required by law And the company will ask for your consent if the law requires consent in case of transferring personal information abroad.

7. Cookies and how to use cookies

The company will collect usages information or visits to the website, including your personal information through the use of cookies, which are small text comprising portions of downloaded information that are stored in the web browser that you use or other devices connected to the internet such as computers, smartphones or tablets where the server can be retrieved later. Some types of cookies are required in order for the website to function properly. Including enabling the website to function more efficiently and other types of cookies are used to store or track your usage data to help distinguish your website usage patterns from other users. This will help the company to be able to manage and develop the quality of the website to be more effective in order to provide you with a good experiences in using the website, including the use of data to analyze customer behaviors, market trends to procure or offer products or services to meet your needs appropriately. You can learn more about our cookie policy is available at

8. Privacy Policy of other platforms

This policy is only used for the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information provided to the Company and your online usage on the Company’s platform if you have clicked on a link to another platforms such as a websites or applications (even through the platform or any communication channel of the Company), you must study and comply with the personal data protection policy displayed on that platforms separately from the Company.

9. Rights of Personal Data Owner

The Company is aware of your privacy rights which are rights that protected by the Personal Data Protection Act. You have the right to notify the company operate in accordance with your rights at any time by notifying the Data Protection Officer through the contact channels specified in item 13. In case you are not over age of 20 or is limited in the ability to do legal acts. You can apply for the right to exercise your father and mother, who exercises parental power or having an authorized person to act on behalf of a person who submits a request on your behalf.

The Company will proceed as requested by you strictly in accordance with the conditions prescribed by law within 30 (thirty) business days from the date of receipt of such request as follows:

9.1 Right to Withdraw Consent
You have the right to withdraw your consent to the Company collecting, using or disclosing your personal information at any time, unless restricted by law or contract that provides benefits to you.

9.2 Right to Access Information
You have the right to request access and obtain a copy of your personal information which is under the responsibility of the Company to disclose information that you have not given consent.

9.3 Right to Data Portability
You have the right to request personal data about you from the Company where the Company has made the information in a form that is readable or generally usable by means of an automated tools or devices and that it can be used or disclosed by an automated means, including (a ) has the right to request the Company to transmit or transfer personal data in such form to another personal data controller when possible by automated means; or (b) requests personal data that the Company transmits or transfer personal data in such form directly to another personal data controller except by technical conditions this cannot be done.

9.4 Right to Object Profiling
You have the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information as follows;

(a) It is for the operation of the mission for the public benefits of the Company or necessity for the legitimate interests of the Company or other persons. The Company may refuse to exercise your right if the Company able to prove a more important legal ground or to establish a legal claim compliance or the exercise of legal claims or the uprising of legal claims.

(b) In the event of collecting, using or disclosing personal information for direct marketing purposes.

(c) In case of collecting, using or disclosing personal information for scientific research, history or statistics purposes. The Company may refuse to exercise your right if the Company can verify that it is necessary to carry out the mission for the public benefit of the Company.

In addition, the Company may refuse your exercise of this right as set out in item 9.4 if the retention is for the following purposes:

(a) for the purposes of exercising freedom of expression.

(b) in order to achieve the objectives relating to the preparation of historical documents or archives for the public benefits or relating to research or statistics for which safeguards have been provided appropriate to protect your rights and liberties.

(c) it is necessary for the performance of duties for the public interest of the Company or to perform duties in exercising state powers granted to the Company.

(d) It is necessary to comply with the law to achieve the objectives relating to (1) preventive or occupational medicines, assessment of the employee’s abilities to work, medical diagnosis, health services or social medical treatments, health management or the system and the provision of social work services or (2) the public interests in public health.

(e) The use for the establishment of legal claims or the exercise of legal claims or the uprising of a legal claim or for the performance of a law.

9.5 Right to Erasure or Right to be Forgotten
You have the right to request that the Company delete or destroy or make personal data non-identifiable as you.

9.5.1 When personal data is no longer necessary for storage for the purposes of collection, use or disclosure

9.5.2 When you withdraw your consent to the collection, use or disclosure and the company. There is no legal authority to continue collecting, using or disclosing that personal information.

9.5.3 When you object to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data because personal information is no longer necessary to keep for the purpose of the Company’s public interest or for reasons of necessity for the legitimate interests of the Company or an individual, or for collecting, using or disclosing personal information for direct marketing purposes.

9.5.4 When personal data is collected, used or disclosed unlawfully to protect personal data.

9.6 Right to Restrict Processing
You have the right to request the Company to suspend the use of personal information as follows:

9.6.1 when the company is in the process of investigation as requested by you in accordance with your rights in item 9.7

9.6.2 when it is personal data that must be deleted or destroyed because it is personal data that has been collected, used or disclosed by unlawful but you request to suspend the use instead.

9.6.3 When personal data is no longer necessary for retention in accordance with the purposes of collecting personal data but you need to ask for it to be preserved in order to establish legal rights, compliance or the exercise of legal claims or the uprising of legal claims.

9.6.4 In the event that you exercise your right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of information as set out in item 9.4 and the Company is working to justify the more important legal grounds or the establishment of the right. Legal claim compliance or exercise of legal claims or the assertion of legal claims stipulated in item 9.4, first paragraph (a), or is verifying that it is necessary for the performance of the Company’s public interest missions as specified in item 9.4, first paragraph (c).

9.7 Right to Rectification
You have the right to request the Company to take corrective actions to keep personal data accurate, current, complete and not cause misunderstandings.

9.8 Right to Complain
You have the right to lodge a complaint with a committee of experts under the Personal Data Protection Committee in the event that the Company or a processor of personal data including employees or the contractor of the company or of the personal data processor, violates or fails to comply with the law on personal data protection, including ministerial regulations or announcements issued under such laws.

10. Your practices in providing personal information

Because the company will be able to provide services to you according to your wishes or in accordance with the contract between them only when the company obtain your personal information that is accurate and necessary for the relevant purposes. Including to verify and ensure that the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by the Company will meet the audit criteria. To know the facts about you (Customer Due Diligence) and your personal information is accurate and up-to-date, therefore, you need to cooperate with the company.

11. Period for storing personal information
The Company will keep your personal information for the period necessary that you continue to use the service or have a relationship with the company or for the period necessary to achieve the objectives stated in this policy and when you are not a customer of the Company or have terminated your relationship with the Company. The Company is also required to store your personal information as required by law and/or in accordance with the policy, standard operating procedures, manuals on the destruction of documents. The Company will delete, destroy your personal data or make it non-personally identifiable information when it is no longer necessary or at the end of such period, within a period not exceeding 10 (ten) years from the date that you notify the cancellation of your card membership or discontinue being a customer or terminate the relationship or Last contact with the company whichever event will occur later.
12. Personal Data Protection Officer
The Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer to supervise the compliance with the Company’s laws. To be accurate and in accordance with personal data protection laws and the company’s policy on personal data protection as well as being a coordinator with you in receiving complaints and assisting you in facilitating the notification of the exercise of your rights under the Personal Data Protection Law.
13. Contact

If you have any suggestions, questions or would like to inquire about the details of collecting, using and/or disclosing your personal information including your rights under the Personal Data Protection Law or want to withdraw your consent or stop receiving marketing news or information or in the event that there is a violation of your personal information. Please contact the company through the following channels:

13.1 Company Details
Contact Address: TAT Corporation Public Company Limited Head Office. 51 Major Tower Rama 9 – Ramkhamhaeng. 14Fl, Room No. Office 1-4 Rama 9 Road, Huamark Subdistrict, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240 Telephone 02-026-6424 Monday – Friday 09.00 – 18.00 and channel

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