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Plantnery made a donation to the “Going Green” project for reforestation.

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On June 8, 2023  Plantnery brand is a skincare product that made from natural under under TAT Corporation Public Company Limited, that distributes of skincare natural products  of Mr. Chayaton Makthan, Chief Commercial Officer (third from left), donated 200,000 baht in order to support reforestation through the project “Going Green” (part of the income comes from customers who buy the products). Which was honored by Mr. Pruek Sono, director of the Royal Forest Department (second from right), was present to accept the donation.

The Plantnery brand has realized the importance and  determined to serve as a sample for skin care  who are responsible for an environment. Thus, the project “Going Green” has officially commenced under the concept of “Going Beauty-Going Green.” in order to create beautiful skin with nature and care for the environment to be sustainable, starting with planting trees to contribute green space to our globe. Additionally, customers of the business have taken part in the “Going Green” campaign by making online purchases of products bearing the Plantnery brand in order to restore and conserve natural resources of 17 rai to carry out a reforestation project in cooperation with the Reforestation Promotion Office of the Forestry Department.